Presidential guard blamed for Nampula ‘showmicio’ tragedy; Mother of Renamo's Manuel de Araújo survives arson attack

Giant LNG-to-power project in Matola raises eyebrows; Government still paying first EMATUM coupon

Mozambique Media Monitoring, 12 September 2019

Military Junta blames ‘formal’ Renamo for attacks; Credit Suisse hidden debts fine likely less than $75m

Bondholders accept restructure proposal; Gaza polling stations almost double

Imopetro ‘was warned’ over failed fuel importer; Renamo junta claims base was attacked

Zitamar Weekly: Pray for peace and compensation

New stats head promises to review census results; Junta and election are threats to August peace deal

Pope Francis lands tonight; US hidden debts indictment suggests $450m siphoned off EMATUM

Mozambique seeks to bar hidden loan conspirators from eurobond restructure — and wants Privinvest and Credit Suisse to pay for it

Advantage Frelimo as election campaign kicks off; Gun-runner in Sudan says destination was Cabo Delgado

Mozambique election campaign starts, in shadow of 'hidden debts'

BCI chief exec ousted by Bank of Mozambique over SIMO conflict; Mozambique hopes VTB will let it off MAM debt

Mozambique gives creditors till end of next week to accept eurobond restructure

Election authorities reject Gaza audit; Breakaway Renamo leader threatens elections if he can’t renegotiate DDR

Eurobond negotiations to restart this week, but MAM could meet same fate as ProIndicus, Maleiane says

Privinvest still operating in Mozambique despite litigation; Statistics head quits after voter numbers furore

Russia's Gazprombank prepared to finance ENH in LNG projects

Mozambique criminalizes recording without consent, in latest attack on free press; Nyusi to meet Putin in historic Russia visit

Junta president demands elections postponement; all hidden debts defendants to stay in prison


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